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Since retiring at the end of 2013, I have had the opportunity to pursue my lifelong passion for painting. With the opportunity to explore and develop the subject matter that has always inspired me, I am now finding a rhythm of producing paintings and refining my artistic skills.

After an exciting and fulfilling career, I retired from Walt Disney Imagineering (WDI) on December 27, 2013. As the Lead Creative Designer, I managed a team of artists and creative designers along with a variety of design driven projects for the Walt Disney World portfolio and also served as the Principal Concept Designer. My creative responsibilities included concept artwork to illustrate a variety of ideas for themed environments and assisted project teams assigned to developing Disney theme parks, attractions, resorts and the Disney Cruise Ships.  During my tenure at WDI, I developed a reputation for being a skilled artist, I also created artwork for reproduction, and many of my creations are on display throughout the Disney theme parks and resorts.

Soon after earning my MA and MFA from the University of Wisconsin in Painting, Drawing and Design, I taught drawing at Wayne State University. Internationally, I taught Painting and Drawing and was the Head of the Department of Fine Art at Kenyatta University in Nairobi, Kenya. I have also exhibited paintings nationally and internationally. Upon my return from East Africa, my career diverted from fine art to interior design.  For eight years and prior to joining WDI, I worked as an interior designer specializing in hospitality design for Holiday Inns in Memphis, Tennessee. 

My wife Lori and I live in the Central Florida area with our children and grandchildren living nearby.

E X H I B I T I O N S  A N D  D I S T I N C T I O N S

  • April – August, 2022

“Old Town Road and Land, Water, Air” Exhibition

Healthy West Orange Art and Heritage Center

Town of Oakland, Fl

‘Florida Families’, Oil on Canvas, 30” X 40”

‘Boat Storage on 9th’, Oil on Panel, 8”X 16”


  • June - July, 2022

“About Face” Exhibition

SoBo Gallery, Winter Garden, Fl

‘Pokot Wamama na Mtoto’ (Pokot Women and a Child), Oil on Canvas,  24” X 24”


  • April – May, 2022

Top Choice Annual Exhibition, SoBo Gallery

Winter Garden, Fl

‘Pokot Mama na Mtoto’ (Pokot Mother and Child), Oil on Canvas, 20” X 16”


  • February – April, 2022

13th Biennial National Exhibition, Visual Arts Center

Punta Gorda, Fl

3rd Place winner: “Lounging at NSB”- Oil on Canvas, 30” X 30”

“Mothers and Babies”-Oil on Canvas, 15” X 30”


  • February – March. 2022

“Women’s Living Legacy” Exhibition

SoBo Gallery, Winter Garden, Fl

“Two Pokot Women”, Oil on Canvas , 20” X 20”


  • December – January, 2022

"Fun and / or Functional" Exhibition, SoBo Gallery

Winter Garden, Fl

“The Hills are Alive”, 36” X 72”

“Mothers and Babies”, Oil on Canvas , 15” X 30”


  • November, 2021

American Artists Professional League

93rd Grand National Exhibition at the Salmagundi Club, New York, NY

Blick Art Materials Award: “Tidewater Talk”, Oil on Canvas, 20” X 20”


  • November – December, 2021

“Places of Worship” Exhibition

Healthy West Orange Art and Heritage Center,

Town of Oakland, Fl

“Church on the WOT”, Oil on Panel, 8”X16”


  • August – September, 2021

Unconventional Beauty Exhibition

SoBo Art Gallery, Winter Garden, Fl

“Florida Families”, Oil on Canvas, 30” X 40”


  • 2021

NOAPS 2021 Associate Online Exhibition

“Red Loungers”, Oil on Canvas, 30” X 30”


  • June – July, 2021

Top Choice Awards Exhibition, SoBo Gallery

Winter Garden, Fl

Curators Choice Award: “Summers Day at PB”, Oil on Canvas, 30” X 40”


  • April – May, 2021

“Small Town Charm, Paintings by David Minichiello and Joe Warren”

Healthy West Orange Art and Heritage Center, Oakland, Fl

Seven plein aire landscape paintings featuring Oakland, Fl


  • April – May, 2021

“The World Outside” Exhibition, SoBo Gallery,

Winter Garden, Fl

“Outside at PB”, Oil on Canvas, 30” X 30”


  • Spring, 2021

NOAPS 2021 Spring International Online Exhibition

“Tidewater Talk”, Oil on Canvas,  20"X 20"


  • 2021

AIS 2021 Associate Member Online Exhibition

“Beach Groomer”, Oil on Canvas,  30" X 30"


  • 2020

American Artists Professional League

92nd Grand National Online Exhibition 2020

“Summers Day at PB”, Oil on Canvas, 30” X 40”



  • Prior to 2020 and before the COVID-19 pandemic, I exhibited my

paintings at the SoBo Art Gallery in Winter Garden in almost all of their

exhibitions. In May and June of 2016, I was the featured artist at the

SoBo Art Gallery.


  • During my tenure at Walt Disney Imagineering (1990 through 2013),

I produced thousands of art pieces both in traditional media as well as in

digital format. All of which are stored in the Walt Disney Company Archives.




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