G A L L E R Y 

l o r i   w a r r e n

W A T E R C O L O R   P A I N T I N G S

Though she does many watercolors that have layering of washes and colors, Lori also finds satisfaction in doing loose, quick watercolors, both outdoors and in her studio.  She enjoys the immediacy and fluid quality of painting with watercolors.  It is always a learning experience that builds skill and confidence to work wet paint into wet paper. Likewise, it is exciting to mix colors in varying opaqueness and apply them directly to watercolor paper.  Color is a passion.  In studio pieces, Lori contemplates the subject matter carefully before choosing water techniques that enhance the story and emotions of the subject matter.  Subject matters that capture her interest are landscapes, waterscapes, peoples’ faces, florals, and unusual objects for still-life set ups.

O I L  P A I N T I N G S

Painting with oils is enjoyable as one can build rich textures and easily alter or add to areas of the visual plane. Lori’s favorite subjects to paint are plein air landscapes and studio still-life compositions.  She has been working on a series of in-studio oil paintings for the last few years that are representations of objects women use or wear.  One of her more cerebral objectives in this series is to use shadows from objects to anchor them in the visual space.  Lori is fascinated by shadows cast by strong directional lighting on objects.  Simple backgrounds give significance to the objects while strong colors emphasis objects. 


In her view, drawing is the foundation for all Lori’s paintings.  It is a necessary, essential skill in creating compositions for paintings.  Drawings are also stand-alone art forms.


P A I N T I N G S  B Y  

j o e  a n d  l o r i   w  a  r  r  e  n