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Making art has always been my passion.  After graduation from San Diego State University, I was accepted into the Master of Arts program at SDSU.  Teaching drawing to college freshman as a TA and giving private drawing lessons helped me with tuition.  During the following years, I taught Art in several different venues: public schools in California and Michigan, a private school in Kenya, East Africa and I gave private lessons in my home art studio.

After returning to the USA from Africa, I worked part time as an art teacher in public schools while raising two children.  Since 2001, I have pursued making paintings professionally.  My paintings have been juried into art gallery exhibitions with the Central Florida Watercolor Society, Sobo Fine Art Gallery, Artscapes and Oakland Heritage Center venues in the Orlando, Florida area.  I have oil paintings and watercolors in several private collections locally and nationally, as well as commissioned artwork.

My art mediums of choice are both watercolor and oils.  My subject matters cover contemporary and traditional still-life paintings, landscapes, waterscapes and portraits.  Though I do many watercolors that have layering of washes and colors, I also find satisfaction in doing loose, quick watercolors or oils, both outdoors and in my studio.  I enjoy the immediacy and fluid quality of painting with watercolors.  Painting with oils is equally enjoyable as one can build rich textures and easily alter or add to areas of the visual plane.  Both mediums are challenging, encouraging intellectual and creative growth. 

My husband Joe and I live in the Central Florida area as do my children and grandchildren.


June-July 2022

  • Sobo Art Gallery, Winter Garden, FL, About Face Exhibition,

         “Beach Play”

  • West Orange Arts and Heritage Center, Oakland, FL, Land, Water, Air Exhibition,

         “Water Play”

February-March 2022

  • Sobo Art Gallery, Winter Garden, FL, Celebrating Women Exhibition,


November-December 2021

  • West Orange Arts and Heritage Center, Oakland, FL, Places of Worship Exhibit,

          “Natural Reflections” and “Oakland Church”

2015- 2021

  • Sobo Art Gallery, Winter Garden, FL, (each are separate exhibitions):

“Steve’s Boots” 2021, “Morning Coffee” 2021, “Crab Claws” 2021, “Red Leaf” 2020, “Cowgirl Rodeo Boots” 2019, “Tapping Away” 2019, “Bird In                          Leaves” 2018, “Red Heels” 2018, “Scarlett Slipper” 2017, “Across The Cove” 2017, “Palm Desert Backyard” 2017, “NC Forest Shack” 2017, “Across The Lake” 2016, “Wilderness High” 2016, “Pink Lipstick“ 2016, “Deep Peace” 2016, “Across The Cove” 2016, “Dock On Starke Lake” 2015, “Autumn Morning” 2015, “Three Red Lipsticks” 2015,  “Red Caboose” 2015, and “Floral Menagerie” 2015

2013– 2015

  • Central Florida Watercolor Society (yearly exhibitions), Orlando, FL, “Fruit On Print Cloth,” “Floral Menagerie” and “Two Red Coffee Mugs “
  • Castleberry Art House, Castleberry, FL, “Two Red Coffee Mugs”

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